New Build

We work closely with the architect to help bring a client’s New Build vision to life. We value the opportunity to get involved from the outset - from the detailed design stage through to handing over the finished building. 


Building a new home is an exciting as well as sometimes daunting prospect for a client. Time frames and costs can often take centre stage. Nonetheless, we believe these important factors can be managed alongside attention to quality and craftsmanship. Our success is founded on developing a good understanding of, and strong working relationship with, client and architect. In fact, these professional relationships endure well beyond the project. Wraxall Builders has many ‘returning’ clients and a credible reputation with architects.

​Types of New Build project:

  • New site

  • Barn conversions & other repurposing

  • Demolition & construction

  • Eco-homes

Private Home, Marshfield
Orchard House
Squash House
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